The rivalries must go one – Pakistan media bitterly divided

The rivalries must go one – Pakistan media bitterly divided2014 has been one of the most difficult years for the Pakistani media. Due to the alarming, yet familiar, threats from militant groups, law enforcement agencies, and political parties, the Pakistani media remained bitterly divided. The annual press freedom report released here by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) said that 2014 saw media professionals paying a […]

Beware of Watchdog: Transparency International — I

The amazement started around the fall of 2010. The venue was Bangkok. The event was the International Anti-Corruption Conference, the annual Woodstock of whistleblowers and due diligence die-hards. I was … Read More

Pakistan’s complicated media freedom threats

In March 2014, Pakistani columnist Raza Rumi was injured in a gun attack that killed his driver. Weeks later, Hamid Mir, star journalist of Geo TV, Pakistan’s biggest TV station, … Read More

Pakistani TV journalist suffers third bomb attack in four months

A Pakistani journalist escaped unhurt when a bomb exploded outside their home in Peshawar on Wednesday (2 July). It was the third attack on Jamshed Baghwan, the bureau chief of … Read More

NA body to take up threats to media persons

ISLAMABAD: A National Assembly committee gets a detailed briefing next Wednesday on investigations into all attacks and killing of media persons over the past three years. The one-point agenda of … Read More