Cracker attack on Express office leaves one injured

Cracker attack on Express office leaves one injuredSARGODHA: A small home-made explosive device (cracker) was hurled at the offices of Express Media Group on Monday evening with the resulting blast injuring a security guard and damaging a number of vehicles. At least two unidentified men riding on a motorcycle had approached the Express office on University Road at about at about 5:15pm […]

A sad spectacle

“… when Taliban gunmen killed nine people at the Serena Hotel, among them a member of the Kabul press corps, Sardar Ahmad, along with his wife and two of their young children… (the) attack shocked journalists here and they issued a collective statement saying they would boycott coverage of all Taliban statements and news releases …

Protecting Pakistan journalists: Trials, not tribunals, needed in Pakistan

Protecting Pakistan journalists

Protecting Pakistan journalists Raza Rumi is alive. It appears Hamid Mir will survive. Shan Dahar is dead. For CPJ, most of this weekend was taken up learning about and responding to the assassination attempt on Geo TV’s most prominent anchor and commentator, Hamid Mir. CPJ quickly released a statement after the attack and fielded questions …