Security guard injured in an attack with homemade explosive device at a television office

Security guard injured in an attack with homemade explosive device at a television officeOn December 7, a security guard of Express News television channel was injured when two unidentified men threw a homemade explosive device in their office in the city of Sargodha in the Punjab province. The attackers who had come on a motorcycle, knocked on the gate and when the security opened it, they hurled the […]

Cracker attack on Express office leaves one injured

Cracker attack on Express office leaves one injuredSARGODHA: A small home-made explosive device (cracker) was hurled at the offices of Express Media Group on Monday evening with the resulting blast injuring a security guard and damaging a number of vehicles. At least two unidentified men riding on a motorcycle had approached the Express office on University Road at about at about 5:15pm […]

Bomb explodes outside home of Express News’ Peshawar bureau chief

Jamshed Baghwan and his wife were leaving their home in the Murshidabad neighborhood in Peshawar on July 2, 2014, when they saw unidentified assailants on motorcycles placing a bomb outside … Read More

Another Bomb Attack on Express News TV’s Peshawar Bureau Chief

The latest in a nearly year-old string of attacks on Express News personnel and installations Reporters Without Borders condemns today’s bombing of the home of Jamshed Baghwan, Express News TV’s … Read More

Protecting Pakistan journalists: Trials, not tribunals, needed in Pakistan

Protecting Pakistan journalists Raza Rumi is alive. It appears Hamid Mir will survive. Shan Dahar is dead. For CPJ, most of this weekend was taken up learning about and responding … Read More

Despite modest improvement, widespread impunity for killers of journalists in Pakistan: CPJ

While Iraq topped the list of countries where killings of journalists go unscathed, Pakistan showed a modest improvement with the conviction of six men for the assassination of Wali Khan … Read More

The Growing Media Presence of Pakistan’s Militants

As the Pakistan government attempts to strike a peace deal with the Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-i-Taliban, or TTP), significant developments threaten to unravel the social fabric of the state. By adopting … Read More