THE YEAR IN COMEDYPakistan’s politics repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce. So, while you may initially be inclined to shed tears over it, a better reaction, I humbly suggest, might be to enjoy the absurdities for what they are. It is the greatest comic show, better than anything you could find on Netflix. And it certainly […]

Pakistan’s private TV news revolution under General Musharraf

Pakistan’s private TV news revolution under General MusharrafWhen Pakistan’s last military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, assumed power on October 12, 1999, he was hailed—both by the local and international media—as a liberal hero. He imposed no restrictions on the media, and within three years of coming to power, he allowed private news channels to become operational in the country. Pakistani media was […]

Media matters

Media mattersPakistani media houses are facing a serious financial crunch, leading to downsizing and layoffs. The issue gained prominence after the induction of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led federal government, which stopped releasing pending government advertisement to private media. It warned of a worse situation in the days to come, urging the media houses to rethink their […]

Media coverage

Media coverageTHE Pakistani media’s tragic flaw is that rather than cover the story, it is too often part of the story. So it is again with regards to media coverage of last week’s TLP protests. All stakeholders — the government, the protesters, the public — had strong opinions on how the media should cover the mayhem. […]

A year after Snowden revelations, damage persists to freedom of expression in Pakistan

By: Sana Saleem In Pakistan, where freedom of expression is largely perceived as a Western notion, the Snowden revelations have had a damaging effect. The deeply polarized narrative has become starker as the corridors of power push back on attempts to curb government surveillance. “If the citizens of the United States of America cannot have …

Geo News suspended for two weeks, sues intelligence agency

Reporters Without Borders condemns today’s decision by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to suspend all broadcasting by the TV news channel Geo News for 15 days. The decision was taken in response to a defence ministry complaint to PEMRA accusing Geo News of waging a “vicious campaign, libellous and scandalous in nature” after …

Rejoinder by Geo, Jang Group journalists to Imran Khan

largest media group

PTI chief collects a large amount of money for his projects from US, UK and Europe; his donors include Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus but he is not called anti-Pakistan; Pemra official sought apology from SC for levelling baseless allegations against Geo ISLAMABAD: Top professionals and journalists of the Geo and Jang Group have not …