Three journalists released in Pakistan

Three journalists released in PakistanThree journalists from Pakistan’s northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province went missing under mysterious circumstances on Oct 15 and were released the next day on October 16. Journalist Shahnawaz Tarakzai of Prague-based Mashaal Radio, a project of Radio Free Europe, was forcibly taken by men in plainclothes from the Shabqadar Media Center in Charsadda, KP, on […]

پاکستانی صحافیوں کے لئےتحقیقاتی صحافتی فیلوشپس

پاکستانی صحافیوں  کے لئےتحقیقاتی صحافتی فیلوشپسدرخواستوں کی وصولی کے لئے دوسرا اعلان آخری تاریخ 20 اگست 2017ء پاکستان پریس فاؤنڈیشن (پی پی ایف) کی جانب سے فیلوشپ برائے تحقیقاتی رپورٹنگ کےلئے درخواستیں موصول کی جارہی ہیں۔ فیلوشپس کے لئے درخواستوں کی موصولی “پاکستان میں تحقیقاتی صحافت میں معاونت” کے پراجیکٹ کا حصہ ہیں جس کا مقصد تحقیقاتی صحافت کو فروغ […]

Responding to Pakistan’s UN review: In conversation with Owais Aslam Ali and Matthew Redding

Responding to Pakistan’s UN review: In conversation with Owais Aslam Ali and Matthew ReddingThe State of Pakistan was reviewed for the first time by the UN Human Rights Committee this week in Geneva. In preparation for the examination, the Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) together with IFEX, the global network defending and promoting the right to freedom of expression and information, and RIDH, the International Network of Human Rights, submitted an alternative report in advance […]

Journalists under fire from many sides

Journalists under fire from many sidesHARIPUR: Bakhsheesh Elahi was waiting for the morning bus when a lone gunman on a motorcycle pulled up beside him and shot him dead. Rana Tanveer had just taken his family to safety after radical Islamists spray-painted death threats on his door, when a car smashed into his motorcycle and sped away. Taha Siddiqui answered […]

Journalist gunned down in Haripur

Journalist gunned down in HaripurHARIPUR: A journalist was shot dead in a commercial area of Haripur on Sunday morning. Sources said that Bakhsheesh Elahi, the bureau chief of Urdu-language daily K-2, was going to his office from his house on Lora Road when men on a motorcycle opened fire on him and sped away. They said Mr Elahi received […]