Khursheed condemns ban on Geo News

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Khursheed condemns ban on Geo News

SUKKUR: The Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said on Thursday that it is not the opportune time todisclose the name of caretaker prime minister. He said consultations and discussions are going on over different candidates, adding the final decision would be taken in the last month.

Khursheed Shah the Sindh government has provided excellent health services to the people. He said many of those services are not even available to public of developed countries. He said there is nothing like judicial martial law. He said he condemns the ban on the Geo News in the strongest possible terms. No channel or media outlet should be closed. About the tax amnesty scheme, he said why it has been introduced two months before the elections.

He said during the PPP government, they had started work on the tax scheme and a survey of three million people was also conducted but then the PPP government’s tenure ended. He said we even handed over the survey report to the government, but the new government took no interest.

He said their government, despite massive floods and terrorism, they addressed and resolved all the issues of public, but the incumbent government has done nothing. He said in Pakistan the rate of tax payment is 0.4 per cent which is very low, while in India, it is 7 per cent and in Bangaldesh, it is 3.5 or 3 per cent. He said all the issues would be resolved if the supremacy of parliament is acknowledged. He said Nawaz Sharif did not give the parliament its due sanctity. He also did not acknowledge the supremacy of the public mandate which is the root cause of all of his troubles.

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