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Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah Faces Threats from India Over Khalistan Coverage

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Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah Faces Threats from India Over Khalistan Coverage

Murtaza Ali Shah, a reporter for Geo News and The News London, is facing life-threatening intimidation from the Indian state due to his extensive coverage of Khalistan issues, according to the Sikh Federation UK.

Dabinderjit Singh, leader of the pro-Khalistan British Sikh organisation, went public with this information during an interview with the Sikh Channel Akaal TV. The Sikh Federation has disseminated this information widely through social media channels and the interview.

Singh, a retired civil servant who established the Sikh Federation a decade ago, alleges that Shah’s inclusion on an Indian government hit list stems from his dedicated coverage of Sikh issues, with a particular focus on Khalistan Referendum activities and the group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), which India has banned.

“Murtaza Ali Shah covers Sikh issues for Geo TV but is not a Sikh. In particular, Murtaza Shah has been covering the Khalistan Referendum organised by Sikhs For Justice in the UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy. He has been reaching to these places from London for coverage,” Singh explained, directly connecting Shah’s journalistic work to the threats he faces.

The Metropolitan Police have been made aware of the threats to Shah’s life.

Singh expressed deep concern, stating that the UK’s intelligence center, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), “monitors everything ” and must therefore be aware of the danger faced by activists.