Karachi not dangerous city: US journalists

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KARACHI: The port city of Pakistan is not a dangerous place at all but it is a city replete with life, spirit and activities as the hospitality of the Pakistani people has cast a lasting impression.

These views were expressed by US journalists while talking to Pakistani media at a local hotel on Wednesday. The US media persons’ delegation is on visit to Pakistan under the Journalism Exchange Programme. The delegation’s visit was arranged by the International Centre for Journalism and the meeting of the US journalists with their Pakistani counterparts was arranged by the US Consulate. Mushtaq Rajpar acted as the coordinator.

They were of the view that the media could not give the real picture of the country. After arriving in Pakistan, their image about Pakistan had improved. The US media persons had a unanimous view that their ideas about Pakistan had improved after visiting this country. They said the Pakistan media was energetic and active.

They said the traffic in the city was very dangerous and it was very difficult to drive here. They said bureaucrats and other influential people kept security guards which gave an unpleasant image.

US journalists’ delegation comprised Robert J Bayers, Charlsten Gazette, Executive Editor, Robert J. Bayers from western Virginia, Tony Ellens, Kristina Shevory and others.

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