PTI rioters pelt Geo offices with stones

ISLAMABAD: Gangs of violent stone-throwing activists of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) once again attacked Geo’s eight-storey building in the federal capital on Saturday around midnight. This is the fourth such attack by PTI workers on the Geo offices.

About 150 rioters came in separate groups, gathered around the Geo offices, and pelted the building with stones, breaking the expensive glass panes of the building. Journalists and other staff present in the building were terrorised as the vandalism continued for hours.

The police were not present when the attack occurred, as the cops deployed to protect the property frequently remain absent. This is insulting for the government. The police come and then leave despite the fact that the Jang/Geo Group management had informed the authorities that their office building is on the route to the sit-in venues and participants frequently resort to stone-throwing on the Geo building because of the provocative speeches by the PTI chief Imran Khan.

Prior to his Azadi March and during the sit-in Imran Khan has said several times that their protest was peaceful and not even a plant pot would be broken. Although no plant pot has been broken but the expensive glass panes of the eight-storey building of Geo have been broken with impunity.

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