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About Us │ PPF

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) is an independent media research, documentation and training center working to promote and defend freedom of press.
To help raise the standards of journalism particularly of the vernacular and regional press.
To promote and defend freedom of expression in Pakistan and internationally.
To encourage research on mass communication in Pakistan.
To promote through the media, greater awareness of social and development issues.
Seminars and workshops on issues in mass communication.
Training for journalists.
Development of training materials for journalists.
Professional research and documentation on media in Pakistan.
International Links
PPF is recognized internationally as a credible organization working to improve the standards of journalism and defending freedom of expression. The PPF is a member of the Commonwealth Press Union (CPU), International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), and Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA), Asia Media and Information Centre (AMIC), Commonwealth Association for Education in Journalism and Communications (CAEJC), Council of Asian-Pacific Press Institutes (CAPPI) and the Asian-Pacific Communication Network. In 2000, The Royal Society for the Arts, UK approves the PPF for issuing National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) in journalism.

The PPF collaborates with leading national and international organisations in organising training activities including the Commonwealth Press Union (CPU), UNESCO, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), The Thompson Foundation, The British Council, The Knight International Foundation, and International Centre for Foreign Journalists and The Freedom Forum.

Press Freedom Monitoring Programme

The aim of the Press Freedom Monitoring Programme is to establish an effective network of journalists throughout Pakistan to gather and document information concerning violations against the press so that they may be able to monitor and defend freedom of expression.

Under this programme, PPF organizes workshops on “Monitoring Press Freedom in Local Communities” to create awareness among journalists in rural areas on how to be vigilant about their rights of freedom of expression. The primary focus of the workshop is on press freedom, rights of journalists and journalistic ethics in order to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities. The workshops introduce journalists to the international norms, concepts and instruments related to freedom of expression. The workshops discuss forms of harassment that Pakistani journalists face both in the cities and in rural areas. They discuss how individual journalists, journalist organizations and press clubs can monitor attacks on press freedom, and support journalists and media organizations that have been victimized. Journalists are informed on how to protest and carry out campaigns against violation of freedom of press not merely in their area, but throughout in the country and internationally. The workshop includes sessions on how to campaign to draw attention to the issues concerning freedom of expression.

News Flash
The PPF produces the PPF News Flash, a service designed to highlight threats to press freedom to make harassment of journalists and news organizations politically and socially unacceptable. The PPF News Flash is circulated internationally through the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) to about two thousand groups around the world. Usually within a matter of hours, many of these groups respond by sending protests to government leaders and the media.
Owais Aslam Ali

Pakistan Press Foundation

Karachi, Pakistan