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Reports by Other NGOs

UPR Pakistan by Reporters Without Borders

JOURNALISTS IN DANGER As the United Nations Human Rights Council prepared for its Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan, Reporters Without Borders expressed alarm over growing threats to journalists’ lives and safety in many regions of the country. The free press organization, which has official consultative status with the U.N., had recommended as recently as April a series of measures designed

Killing of 49 journalists highest in world: report

I.H Raashed LAHORE: A joint report prepared for the UN Human Rights Council by various NGOs about the human rights situation during the past four years and a half has stated that the killing of 49 journalists during the period has made Pakistan with highest fatalities of journalists in the world. They include 20 in 2010 and 12 in 2011.

Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan by Article 19 – On Freedom of Expression

Freedom of information Pakistan made an important advance with the 2010 amendments to the Constitution (Article 19A) to include a specific right of citizens to access to information. This places Pakistan in a group of nearly 100 countries that have done so and is an important first step forward in ensuring a right to information in the country. However, the

Pakistan CSOs Coalition contribution to the second Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan by the UN Human Rights Council – On Freedom of Expression

This report is submitted on behalf of the following CSOs: Audio Visual Center AURTAZAAD: Women’s Research & Publications Bright Education Society Christian Study Centre CLAAS CWS-P/A Dar –ul-Mussarat –Raiwind Diocese Data Line Service Diocese of Raiwind – Church of Pakistan Executive Board of Methodist Church in Pakistan Films d’Art Interactive Resource Centre Justitiaet Pax Netherlands National Organization for Working Communities

Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan by EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR LAW AND JUSTICE (ECLJ) – On Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression Pakistan has impermissibly restricted the freedom of expression by subordinating it to Shariah. This restriction has created a repressive environment in which anyone may be punished for any action deemed inconsistent with Islam. While the Pakistani constitution allows for such restrictions, it is antithetical to the ICCPR. The 2012 UPR must hold Pakistan accountable to the rule

Pakistan: UPR Submission April 2012 by Amnesty International – On Freedom of Expression

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ATTACKS ON JOURNALISTS Since the last review, Pakistan has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. In 2011, at least 15 journalists were killed in attacks implicating state and non-state actors. Media workers risk harassment, abduction and death at the hands of intelligence agencies, insurgents, religious extremists, political activists and members

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists

NGOs report on Pakistan for the Universal Periodic Review under the UN Human Rights Council Session May 2008 – On Freedom of Expression

This report is presented by the following organizations on behalf of the civil society of Pakistan: 1. Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan 2. Aurat Foundation, 3. Pakistan Federal Union Of Journalists 4. Lok Sangat 5. National Commission for Justice and Peace 6. Democratic Commission for Human Development 7. Pakistan Forum for Social Democracy 8. Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) Freedom

Pakistan: UPR Submission April 2012 by Asian Human Rights Commission

Freedom of Expression The report highlights concerns regarding widespread corruption and impunity, which undermine efforts to establish justice and the rule of law in the country, as well as violations of the freedom of expression and the media, discrimination and violence against religious minorities, issues relating to the independence and functioning of the judiciary and the repressive and dangerous climate