I am Malala

THE launching of Malala’s book ‘I am Malala’ by Peshawar University was stopped by the provincial government. It is being criticised by many, including Imran Khan, on the ground that it amounts to curbing freedom of expression.

Launching of a book is simply a ceremony. Disallowing it does not mean “curbing the freedom of expression”. Banning the publication and sale/purchase of a book does mean that.

When I first saw Malala speaking on TV, I formed the opinion that she was an intelligent girl. When she was shot and was in a critical condition, I, like many other Pakistanis, prayed for her survival and with the will of Allah she did survive. Then there was a shower of awards on her regarding education and acclamations, which she probably did not deserve, with what motives and objectives Malala should know better.

But by her stance and statements regarding education in Pakistan, she is spreading Pakistan’s image as a country where the government and people are against giving education to children, especially to girls. This is incorrect except for some villages where tribal chiefs have enslaved the people. Otherwise both boys and girls almost everywhere go to school.

Unfortunately, our government is not doing anything to correct the image.

Mohammad Rafi