Journalist lodges complaint against Kasuri for threats

Journalist lodges complaint against Kasuri for threatsISLAMABAD: A complaint has been lodged with the Secretariat Police Station against Ahmed Raza Kasuri, counsel for Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf, for threatening journalist during a press talk outside the Special Court. Station House Officer (SHO) confirmed that the complaint was lodged by Ali Sher which had been referred to the legal branch for opinion. […]

Shame on you, Mr Kasuri

Shame on you, Mr KasuriGeneral Ziaul Haq once threatened if he hanged a few journalists, no one would dare speak against him. He did in fact get three journalists — Khawar Naim Hashmi, Iqbal Jaffery and Nasir Zaidi — flogged. The fourth one was spared on doctor’s advice because he was physically disabled. A few days ago, Ahmad Raza […]