TV office attacked in Islamabad

TV office attacked in IslamabadThe International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemns the attack on the Islamabad office of the Pakistani television channel ARY News on Wednesday, January 13. The IFJ demands an immediate investigation into the attack by authorities. According to ARY News, unidentified attackers hurled a hand grenade at the Islamabad bureau office of ARY News, on Wednesday […]

PBA condemns attack on TV channel

PBA condemns attack on TV channelPakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) strongly condemns the attack on DIN News Office in Lahore by unknown people. PBA termed this act an attempt to curb freedom of expression and to discourage media from performing its constitutional responsibilities. PBA expresses complete solidarity with its member channel DIN News against this act of violence and demands from […]

Daesh owns attack on media office in Islamabad

Daesh owns attack on media office in IslamabadISLAMABAD: Terror revisited the federal capital on Wednesday evening when two persons riding a motorcycle hurled hand-grenade at the office of ARY News in Sector F-7/4, causing serious injuries to the driver of DSNG van. Two persons riding a motorbike entered the office of the news channel from Service Road adjacent to Margalla College for […]

Television reporters arrested for exposing transport of illegal arms and ammunition via railways

The investigative reporting team of a private television channel in Pakistan was arrested and criminally charged on December 3, for an expose on the transport of illegal arms and ammunition on state owned railways. ARY News said two of its investigative journalists, Asif Qureshi, and Zulqarnain Sheikh were not only arrested but also assaulted by …

An Insider Account of Pakistani Censorship

Imran Khan, Tahir ul Qadri, and the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] are our best friends,” our weekly editorial meeting at Pakistan’s Express Tribune was (jokingly) told on Aug. 13, 2014, a day before the two political leaders began their separate long marches from Lahore to Islamabad, and plunged the country into crisis. “We know it’s not …