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Solangi Inaugurates Media Training Program at Reactivated Pakistan Broadcasting Academy

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Solangi Inaugurates Media Training Program at Reactivated Pakistan Broadcasting Academy

Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, has inaugurated  the media training programme Pakistan Broadcasting Academy (PBA), reinstating its operations on February 28 in Islamabad. Speaking at the reactivation ceremony held at the PBA , Solangi lauded Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Saeed Ahmed Sheikh, for spearheading the revival efforts.

According to The Nation, highlighting the Academy’s modern infrastructure, Solangi emphasized its pivotal role in training the next generation of media professionals. He stressed the significance of Radio Pakistan as a cornerstone of information dissemination and entertainment, noting the accessibility of PBA’s training programs worldwide through contemporary technological platforms.

According to Radio Pakistan, Solangi credited Radio Pakistan for fostering his multilingual skills, which include Urdu, English, Punjabi, and Saraiki. Director General Radio Pakistan, Saeed Ahmed Sheikh, echoed Solangi’s sentiments, welcoming over a hundred participants from diverse regions of Pakistan to the training program via Zoom, underscoring Radio Pakistan’s commitment to societal advancement.

The curriculum, spanning disciplines such as Musicology, Anchoring, Computer, Electronic Journalism, Podcasting, RJ, and Trans-media Storytelling, prioritizes practical knowledge and hands-on training. Esteemed figures from Radio Pakistan will impart their expertise, emphasizing responsible journalism aligned with ethical standards.

According to the Associated Press of Pakistan, Solangi noted that the youth of today are fortunate, as they have access to modern amenities like the internet, unlike previous generations. He emphasized that radio, utilizing contemporary technology, now serves as a tool for education and training, providing valuable resources to young people. The minister highlighted the PBA’s alignment with modern needs, reaching out to youth in remote areas through platforms like Zoom.

Solangi emphasized the global reach facilitated by modern technology, enabling participation in radio programs from anywhere in the world. The minister expressed satisfaction with the diverse participation of Pakistani youth in the initial training program which will also include training for Radio Pakistan staff. He underscored the media’s adaptation to new trends, particularly embracing concepts like artificial intelligence. Notably, the first training program of the Pakistan Broadcasting Academy, following its reactivation, has attracted 107 participants, including 35 females.



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