PPF condemns entry ban on Italian journalist in Ukraine

PPF condemns entry ban on Italian journalist in Ukraine

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), in a letter to Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine has expressed concern over the decision of Ukraine to put entry ban on Italian journalist in the country.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali has condemned the decision of Ukrainian authorities and called on the government to reverse the entry ban on journalists and allow them to fulfill their journalistic responsibilities.

According to Institute of Mass Information (IMI), Marc Innaro, a correspondent for the Italian RAI state television, barred to enter Ukraine when he reached to cover the presidential elections on March 24.

The Ukrainian authorities denied entry to the journalist, accused him of an “anti-Ukrainian” coverage.

Oleh Slobodyan, a spokesperson of the Ukrainian Border Guards, stated that the journalist was barred from entering the country because he was continuously involved in anti-Ukrainian statements in his reports.

This is not the first time that Ukraine has banned entry to a journalist, in the same month the country barred entry to Christian Wehrschütz, Austrian Radio and TV-correspondent.