Court refuses to stop screening of drama serial

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Court refuses to stop screening of drama serial

LAHORE: A civil court on Friday refused to stay the exhibition of the last episode of drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho.

The petitioner, Maham Jamshed, had filed a petition through her counsel Majid Chaudhry stating that women as a whole had been ridiculed and shown as a disrespected segment of society in the drama. The counsel argued before the court that the Constitution did not allow character assassination of any segment of society.

He pointed out that the last episode of the drama will be shown in cinemas across the country on Jan 25 instead of TV screens. He asked the court to order the respondents to stop the exhibition of the drama’s last episode in cinemas or on television screens for being contrary to the basic provisions of the Constitution.

During Friday’s hearing, advocates Mian Irfan Akram and Waqas Ahmad Aziz appeared on behalf of the drama’s production team and the television channel. They argued that the drama was made to discourage “honour” killings and for the reformation of society, in fact.