Why Is Pakistan’s Media In Crisis?

Why Is Pakistan’s Media In Crisis?It has been an eventfully torrid new millennium so far for the media sector in Pakistan, which has grown enormously in terms of scale and influence. From virtually a staid state-owned broadcast sector at the turn of the century, the sector has morphed into a cacophonous landscape of dozens of independent news and entertainment channels […]

No odds big enough for K-P’s women journalists

No odds big enough for K-P’s women journalistsPeshawar: In Pakistan’s traditionally male-dominated setup, women continue to face cultural pressures both at home and elsewhere when it comes to pursuing a profession. Still, Pakistani women have proven themselves to be most resilient, proving their mettle in every field. Women in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, like other provinces, are opting to enter many professional fields in droves, even […]