Reporting Afghanistan: Mapping Afghan conflict in Pakistani media by Intermedia


A media monitoring report analyzing news  content from April to August 2012


Author: Sadaf Baig

Editor: Aurangzaib Khan


This  report is  part of an ongoing  project to monitor  various  types  of conflicts as covered by select samples of media  in Pakistan, including newspapers and TV channels.

In this  report,  the  focus  is  on Afghan conflict and related issues  as reported by  Pakistani  media.  The  report contains  in depth content analysis of news coverage  of Afghan conflict and related issues  in three newspapers and three TV news channels, over the period of five months v i.e. from May1, 2012 to August 31, 2012.

The report has been prepared by Intermedia Pakistan, a Pakistani media development organization focusing on advocacy, research and training on media issues.


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