Pakistan: Supreme court hints to ban YouTube

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Pakistan: Supreme court hints to ban YouTube

Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken notice on Wednesday of objectionable content on social media and YouTube and hinted at shutting down the video-sharing platform in the country. Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin and Justice Mushir Alam were on the bench hearing the case hinted about banning TouTube while hearing the case of a man, Shaukat Ali, involved in a sectarian crime.

During the hearing, Justice Qazi Amin stated, “We are not against freedom of expression and masses have right to discuss our performance and decisions as we take salaries from public money but the constitution also provides us right of personal life but users of social media and YouTube are targeting our families”, he said.

“We have no objection to freedom of expression, remarked Justice Amin. Our salaries are paid from the money of the people, they have the right to raise questions on our decisions and our performance, he said. But the Constitution also grants us the right to privacy”, Justice Amin also said.