Mistakes part of job, no need to flare up: PPC

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FAISALABAD: Pakistan Press Council Chairman Raja Shafqat Abbasi has said that committing of mistakes by the by any of the print or electronic media is not a big thing, it is a part of job.

Addressing the media at the GCU, Lahore, and then talking to the journalists, he said the journalists reporting of the masses’ problems and irregularities in the government departments creates awareness in the people. Abbasi said good governments take such times as a means of reformation, instead of getting flared up.

He said the PPC had participated in the protests against attacks on Hamid Mir and then on the Jang group’s vehicles. He said if every institution abides by the code of conduct, the problems get solved automatically.

Shafqat said due to non-implementation of Wage Board Award, journalists are victim to sense of deprivation. He said the journalist organizations should resolve their petty issues by themselves, keeping outsiders away. He said the journalists must speak straightforward and confirm any news items before publishing or broadcasting it.

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