Court directs media to air apology over ‘speculations’

LAHORE – The LHC has directed electronic media to air apology at prime time and gave ultimatum of three days to print media to print apology at front page for airing and publishing “speculations against the judiciary over the acquittal of convict Shah Hussain”.

In a press release issued on Thursday evening, the LHC registrar said, “this campaign is not against the honorable judge in isolation rather it is part of the campaign which is being sponsored to malign the judiciary as a whole. “All these speculations are strongly rebutted and condemned and it is made clear that the institution reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the delinquent.”

It continued: “It has been brought into the notice of office that due to the news item with reference to a judgment passed by Justice Sardar Ahmed Naeem, various speculations are being aired in electronic, print and social media. The victim of aforesaid case has categorically stated in her interview that she was called upon by the judge in his chambers, whereby she was persuaded in presence of his father to enter into compromise with petitioner/victim (second party-Shah Hussain). She has further speculated that the judge might have been persuaded by the governor Punjab to pass the judgment of acquittal in favor of the petitioner/victim.

“These news items are squarely concocted, frivolous and are being aired/published in electronic/social and print media with a malicious attempt to malign the judiciary as an institution.

The electronic media having aired the above said frivolous news item is directed to air apology at prime time. Similarly the print media is directed to do the needful while printing apology at front page of the newspaper within three days. In case of failure either at the part of electronic and print media, they will e proceeded against strictly in accordance with law. Pemra and Press Council of Pakistan are directed to submit their respective compliance repots with regard to apology.”

The Nation