YouTube ban

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Sir: No one can deny Youtube’s importance in the life of students, doctors, teachers and an ordinary person. One can easily access different kinds of information about one’s related field. Youtube is now banned in Pakistan for more than two years, when some blasphemous material appeared on the site. Had the government been wise enough to highlight the issue by declaring Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (day to celebrate love for the Prophet (PBUH)), such nonsense as imposing a ban on Youtube would not have occurred in the first place. So far, very little protest has been made by civil society or by any NGO. The result is that the students and people generally are facing difficulties while searching for informative videos. Now people are compelled to find illegal ways to access Youtube. So bans like this one give people reasons to find illegal ways to get around things.

Nadil Shah

Daily Times

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