Pro-Geo demonstration enters 56th day

LAHORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami , civil society, lawyers and people from all walks of life continued to protest against the Geo television network’s shutdown at a protest camp in front of the Geo office building on Sunday. The Geo TV network has been closed for 56 days.

Pledging their wholehearted support and expressing solidarity with the Geo TV network and Jang Group, Punjab Jamaat-e-Islami General Secretary Nazir Ahmed Janjua and Farooq Chohan expressed solidarity with the Geo/Jang Group workers and their families.

Janjua said despite a 56-day ban on it, the Geo TV was still the best and his favourite channel. He said it was quite strange that Federal Minister Khawaja Asif was calling Geo an-anti Pakistan channel despite singing praises for it for years.

Jang Workers Union Senior Executive Body Member Malik Phul Bahar said it was the responsibility of the governments to provide livelihood to the people instead of snatching it. He said the government was taking away the livelihood of thousands of families belonging to the Geo and Jang Group.

PPP leader Shahida Jabeen, human rights leader Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed, Zubair Bokhari from Canada, Iftikhar Shahid Advocate, Abdullah Mailk, Nasir Jalib, Maryam Zulfiqar, Arif Zafar, Mohammed Yasin and others also spoke.

The speakers demanded the government take immediate steps to resume the Geo transmission since the Geo News is not only the biggest and bravest national channel but also the harbinger of positive change in the society.

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