Personal freedom of choice

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has blocked almost everything on the Internet in the name of security or morality. Who gave PTA this right to suffocate us? As a free citizen I have the right and authority to surf and watch whatever I want to. The PTA has no right to stop me in the name of moral policing. Being a student, I need to surf a lot of things, specially YouTube which helps us in finding a lot of information relevant to our studies.

By restricting this website, I face a lot of issues and without any doubt we all find some way or another to open these banned and restricted websites through proxies which take us to other issues like virus, spamming etc. But who cares if a large majority of educated class is suffering because of a few Islamists who have nothing better to do than close websites.

I have not seen anyone around me practicing Islam properly all I have seen in Pakistan is people hating each other and protesting against each other’s beliefs and faith. We are religious in name only and all we do is ban unnecessary things for months years for no good reason. The religious extremist should find some more practical way of enforcing Islam than intruding into personal choices as we all have the right to chose the right or wrong path.


The Nation