Pakistan Press Freedom Report 2006 and report on media in areas affected by earthquake of October 8, 2005


2005 was a difficult year for Pakistani media. Pakistani journalists were subjected to attacks, threats and harassment from institutions of state including law enforcement agencies as well as political, religious, nationalist and militant organizations.

The large number of incidents of violence against the print and electronic media and use of other coercive tactics such as use of laws and advertisements as to harass media organizations, contradicted claims by the government leaders that Pakistani media enjoyed unprecedented freedom. Attacks on media by political and religious parties were in sharp contradiction to their stated commitment to freedom of the press.

The ongoing military operation in tribal areas was a major threat that made the journalists in this country insecure. The Islamic publications faced official harassment that repeatedly disrupted their operations.

This years report included a section of the losses to journalists and media organizations caused by the earthquake of October 8, 2005 that devastated large parts of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Pakistan administered Kashmir. The earthquake also demonstrated that the country is ill served by state policies that restrict freedom of expression and development of media.

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