One television cameraman killed, three journalists injured in attack on political gathering

A cameraman for a television channel was killed and three journalists were injured on October 7, 2012 in an attack on a political party gathering in Khairpur district of Pakistan’s southern Sindh province.

Mushtaque Khand, cameraman for “Dharti TV” news channel was killed while Mukhtiyar Phulpoto, correspondent for Daily “Awami Awaaz”, Faheem Mangi, correspondent for Daily “Naun Sij” and freelance journalist Allahdad Rind received injuries. Khand received two bullets, one in his chest and one in arm and died on the spot. Phulpoto received bullet in his arm, Mangi received two bullets, one in chest and other in abdomen while Rind’s arm was fractured.

The injured were rushed to a local hospital where they were operated upon. Mangi is in critical condition after surgery, while Phulpoto and Rind are in stable condition.

According to press reports two men with automatic weapons resorted to indiscriminate firing at gathering of the ruling political party, Pakistan Peoples’ Party and managed to escape.

Nafisa Shah Jillani, the Member of the National Assembly from the area, who was supposed to be the main speaker at the gathering told the media that the event was an act of political terrorism. She said there were political opponents behind the incident. She demanded an impartial inquiry and said the attack was an attempt destabilize democracy.

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