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East or West, journalists are ‘traitors’

TONSBERG (Norway): While Taliban accuse Pakistani journalists of siding with ‘disbelievers’ against Muslims, Norwegian Christian fundamentalist, Anders Behring Breivik, thought the European journalists are soft on Muslim immigrants, blames them, among others, for ‘Islamic colonisation’ of Europe and declares them ‘category B traitors.’

Anders who killed 77 people in July 2011 through bombing in Oslo and firing at an island, planned of attacking annual gathering of journalists hosted by SKUP, a volunteer group promoting investigative journalism in Norway that holds its conference each spring drawing over 500 participants.

Pro-immigrants political parties and 99 percent journalists, he believes, are responsible for bringing Muslims in Europe and allowing them commit excess with Europeans through crimes like rape and murder.

Although he is behind bars serving life imprisonment for mass murder in a country where death penalty has been abolished, his plans continue to perturb the intelligentsia. As the efforts are in progress to discourage hate speech, mere a thought of the likes of Anders shivers as the fringe right can jeopardise the liberal values with multi-culturalism that is integral part of their society allowing people of different nationalities and religions to migrate and settle in Europe.

While a 29-page ‘fatwa’ (edict) by Pakistani Taliban had accused journalists of siding with ‘disbelievers’ against Muslims, Anders’s 1500-page manifesto “2083: A European Declaration of Independence” declares Western journalists as ‘category B traitors’ and holds them responsible for “Islamic colonisation” of Europe.

Anders’ manifesto portrays European journalists as part of problem saying that 99 per cent of them support multiculturalism and are “therefore supporters of the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe”, also declaring them as part of a “Western European cultural Marxist/multi-culturalist intellectual elite”.

A section of the manifesto headed “Category A, B and C traitors’ concentrations”, says that annual gatherings of journalists are “considered the most attractive targets for large scale shock attacks due to the amount and quality of category B traitors”.

Although Anders is in jail now in crime of mass murder, his plan of attacking the gathering of journalists is still resonated with the media persons. As SKUP’s 2014 conference progresses in this oldest city of Norway (Tonsberg), also being attended by journalists from other countries, the police have tightened invisible security to address the security concerns.

Referring SKUP conference as an example for attack, Anders writes that “the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations media/news companies attend” the conference, and says its “light or non-existent security” make it a “perfect target”.

The manifesto, which is frequently critical of journalists, is also critical of literary conferences and festivals, claiming that they are populated by writers, journalists and editors that support multiculturalism.

In its section entitled “Dealing with journalists”, he writes that they should be approached with “extreme prejudice” and considered as “multi-culturalist political warriors and overwhelmingly left wing political activists”.

Bracketing journalists with pro-immigrant politicians, Anders blames them for the atrocities committed on Europeans by immigrant Muslims. “It is not the free peoples of Europe but the cultural Marxists/multi-culturalist category A, B, C traitors alone who have invited and allowed Muslims to stay in Europe and have therefore indirectly as primary enabler” of the crimes like rape and murders etc of the Europeans in the hands of Muslims.

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